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AXIVA SICHEM PVT. LTD. is multi specialty company.
The company core competence is the ability to develop new membrane technologies and innovate existing ones to deliver customer benefits. High end purification and separation application in wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals and immunodiagnostics.

AXIVA is a technology driven company having latest machinery, equipments and in house moulding machine. AXIVA have class 10,000 facility, compliant to GMP and WHO standards for manufacturing of micro-porous membrane, filter paper, and CE grade syringe filters.

AXIVA Testing Labs
1.Analytical Chemistry Lab. – studded with advance instruements like HPLC, Spectrophotometer, Integrity test etc. to conduct extractable,leachable,adsorption, bubble point etc.
2.Surface Chemistry lab. studded with all required equipmemnts to test lateral flow membrane etc. viz. wicking rate, stability,binding,sensitivity etc.

AXIVA has a separate marketing team who is well organised and interact with the end user regularly to offer the compatible product and customise product.

AXIVA has got quality in all aspects from technical application support to after sales service to maintain calls. We have highly trained service engineers whose skills are continuously updated with latest courses are always on the job.

In addition to our standard products, We also have the ability to customize our membrane to improve the assay performance in rapid diagnostics test application and laboratory filtration.

AXIVA has been able to get distinguish position in the field of laboratory filtration and diagnostics test application.


This website is aimed giving you a birds eye view of AXIVA products. To address your further queries/requirements, we are at your service with best regards. Specify lab consumable & you can buy with confidence from people who know the business and are uniquely focused on all the current techniques & methodologies employed in lab. through out India.

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