Glass Fiber Syringe Filters


Contains a glass fiber filters with high retention efficiency of 98% for 1.6 µm/1.0 µm spherical particles. It is very useful when relatively dirty solutions are to be clarified, or as a prefilter is needed on an 0.2 µm or 0.45 µm. Glass Fibers are biologically and chemically inert, high retentive depth filters with high dirt holding capacity. Glass Fiber Filters are made up 100% borosilicate glass fiber that is 100% binder free.

Materials of Construction : 

Filter Media:Borosilicate glass fiber

Key Features

  • Retain fine particles with good flow rate
  • For the collection of suspended solids in portable water and natural and industrial waste.
  • Unique design of these filters gives high dirt holding capacity.
  • The filters can be stored almost identified without change in color or effect on filter properties

Technical Specification :

Filter Rating:1µm or 1.6 µm
Effective Filtration Area:0.8cm2 for 13mm & 3.9 cm2 for 25mm
Sample Volume:< 20 ml for 13 mm & < 150 ml for 25mm
Typical Hold Up Volume
( with air purge )
:< 20 µl for 13 mm & < 100 µl for 25mm
Maximum Operating
:820C (1800F) at 2.1 bar ( 210 kpa, 30 psi )
Maximum Operating
:4.1 bar ( 410 kPa, 60 psi ) at 21- 240C (70 – 750F ) 2.1 bar (210 kPa, 30 psi) at 820C (1800F)
Typical Water Flow Rate:795 ml/min at 1.0 bar (100 kPa, 15psi)
  • Sample cleaning
  • Particle removal
  • For High throughput
  • Removes particulate that interferes with UV/VIS speccrtophotometric analysis
  • Can be used alone or in series with another Axiva syringe filter


Cat No Size/Dia (mm)Micron Rating Nos./Pkt.
SFGF213B131.0 µm100
SFGF113B131.6 µm100
SFGF225B251.0 µm100
SFGF125B251.6 µm100
SFGF233B331.0 µm100
SFGF133B331.6 µm100
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