How to Filter Viscous / Turbid Solution?

Filters for difficult to filter turbid solutions, viscous samples and coloured solutions – Multi layered Syringe filters are highly recommended for these samples:

Specially designed syringe filters with multi layered pre-filtration for graded retention of colloidal particles associated with highly turbid solutions, viscous samples and coloured solutions.

HPLC Certified

  • Glass Fibre which is 100 % borosilicate used for pre-filtration
  • Final filtration with different media as per the application
  • Micron Rating may be 0.2 and 0.45 µm

Axiva Multi Layered Hydrophilic PTFE syringe filters offer chemical inertness:

  • With very high through put for difficult to filter solutions i.e. Derma samples, ointments, creams, nasal samples, opa dry blue etc.
  • Very high retention efficiency for colloidal fines
  • Minimal hand pressure / back pressure


Order No.Cat. No.DiameterMicron Rating PTFENos/Pkt
419018391ICTG25XB25 mm0.45µm100


Written By – Neeraj Kumar

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